Ecological Consultancy Company

Who we are

Based near Banchory in Aberdeenshire, Natural Research (Projects) is an environmental consultancy, which specializes in ornithology. We have been established for over 10 years and currently employ almost 20 field ecologists across the UK. Our employees have a successful track record of providing superior services to individuals, and small and large corporate clients. Our clients include national and international organisations with whom we have worked on a variety of environmental issues to find solutions to potential problems. Please click here to find out more about our consultancy work.

Natural Research (Projects) is a subsidiary of Natural Research, Ltd., a charity registered in Scotland that undertakes and funds high quality, independent research on wildlife. Please click here to find out more about the Natural Research charity: Environmental Research Charity

What we do

We deliver high quality baseline ornithological surveys, production of scoping reports, data collection, analysis and interpretation, reporting and associated impact assessments and objective research for commercial projects of all sizes. In addition, for several projects at the construction-phase and post-construction phase we are engaged in monitoring and reporting. Whilst the majority of our projects to date have been related to on-shore windfarms, we have also been involved with projects for hydro-electric schemes, forestry developments, and quarry and road construction. More recently, we have expanded our business to include marine projects. Please click here to go to our Marine services page. Protocols for Environmental Impact Assessments developed by us and our co-operators are, in many cases, the industry standard, and as a result, our products are seen as authoritative.

We work closely with our clients, advising on project design and mitigation for protected species and their habitats. The strong combination of our field expertise and knowledge of conservation legislation means that our final reports are comprehensive and supported, if required, by experienced presentation at Public Inquiry.

Where we work

Our consultancy services are provided globally. Based in Scotland, where so much environmentally sensitive development is currently happening, we are well appointed to supply our services locally, and the majority of our commercial work has been UK wide.

Whilst we have considerable experience of UK based developments. Increasingly, we are involved in projects internationally and currently, plan, conduct and advise projects in other countries, including Poland, Sweden, Bulgaria, New Zealand and Abu Dhabi.

Achilles Registration

NRP is registered on the Achilles Utilities Vendors Database (UVDB) under the recognised standard for suppliers to the utility sector (supplier number 707394). Achilles' registration and pre-qualification system is used by a large number of UK utilities companies (including power generation, transmission and distribution, nuclear, water, telecom and gas industries) to ensure a common chain of assessed suppliers whether for long or short term contracts.

UVDB Supplier no. 707394

To contact us about either our environmental consultancy services or our charitable research, please email us at: