Ged Connelly

Field Ecologist

He is involved in conducting generic day to day surveys and species–specific surveys at a range of potential and constructed wind farm sites, mainly in southern and western Scotland. NRP’s work depends upon quality field work and Ged is a key member of NRP’s staff in maintaining and building on this high quality. Ged’s skills have been passed on to many more recent employees through field-based training exercises, as his knowledge goes beyond that available from field survey manuals. When Ged is not looking at wildlife through binoculars, he is often doing so through a camera because he is a keen and accomplished photographer.

As well as training other staff in his many areas of field survey expertise, Ged is also a regular recipient of NRP’s ongoing training exercises designed to constantly improve the accuracy of generic field observation methods (e.g. vantage point survey techniques) and health and safety standards.

Ged traces his interest in natural history back to his childhood. In his employment he has always sought jobs that would get him outdoors. So, he started his working life working in forestry. His lifelong interest in wildlife and spending much of life out in the field has trained him to be an excellent observer and he has a range of field skills that are difficult to find in biologists nowadays. Over the years he has honed his field observation experience on a number of bird species, and has developed an impressive skill set in finding breeding birds of prey, with a particular interest in owls.

Team members

Fiona Leckie

Director and Senior Project Ecologist

Lynda Maddrick

Director and Finance & Admin Manager

Blair Urquhart

Senior Project Ecologist

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GIS & Data Officer

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Field Ecologist

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Field Ecologist

Ged Connelly

Field Ecologist

John Halliday

Field Ecologist

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