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Natural Research (Projects) Ltd is a leading commercial ecological consultancy, with specialist expertise in ornithological and raptor research.

Our expertise and research knowledge, processes and methodologies have been  developed and proven over many years in tandem with our sister charitable organisation, Natural  Research Ltd.  We are now established leaders in ornithological and ecological research for the commercial sector.  

Our clientele include major energy and renewable providers both in the UK, and Internationally. We have a network of researchers and consultants that enable us to provide robust research and ongoing data collection and analysis on ear marked development sites globally.

Helping deliver sustainable development through independent, high quality and cost effective ecological advice and services.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1330 826880
Email: info@natural-research.org 

grouse.jpgBlack grouse Tetrao tetrix in Argyll, Scotland.Photo: G. Connelly

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