Ornithological Surveys

As an established and experienced consultancy, we fully appreciate our clients' needs, but we retain the independent integrity that is required to conduct high-quality surveys and assessments.

We have specialist knowledge of many bird species, and especially those of upland habitats. Our staff members have been involved in organising and participating in national surveys of several species including golden eagle, black-throated diver, dotterel, whimbrel, greenshank, black grouse and merlin, as well as developing novel species-specific survey techniques.

All survey methods used by NRP are consistent with recommended guidance and methodologies (e.g. SNH 2017; Gilbert et al 1998; Hardy et al 2013).

Mute swans Cygnus olor.Photo: G. Connelly

We can undertake the following surveys:

  • Vantage Point Watches
  • Breeding Bird Surveys
  • Wintering Bird Surveys
  • Goose and Swan Counts
  • Breeding Seabird Surveys
  • ESAS Marine Surveys
  • Intertidal Waterfowl Counts
  • Scarce Breeding Bird Surveys
  • Barn Owl Surveys
  • Schedule 1 Raptor Surveys
  • Nightjar Surveys
  • Black Grouse and Capercaillie Surveys
  • Red Grouse Surveys
  • Wetland Birds (WeBS) Surveys
  • Woodland Point Counts
  • Nocturnal surveys / thermal imaging
  • Radio tracking services
  • Turbine and Power Line Collision Surveys

Helping deliver sustainable development through independent, high quality and cost effective ecological advice and services.

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