Marine Consultancy Projects

The coasts and seas around the UK support bird and marine mammal populations of international importance, in particular breeding seabirds and seals, and over wintering waders and wildfowl. Natural Research has a team specialising in consultancy work on birds and mammals in the marine environment. The majority of NRP’s marine consultancy work is for the renewable energy sector in connection with offshore wind, tidal and wave power developments. NRP combines expert knowledge, survey data and statistical analyses to provide the highest quality science-based advice geared to achieving the best outcome for clients and wildlife. NRP conduct all aspects of the offshore and coastal work including survey work, sensitivity analyses, statistical modelling and impact assessment.

NRP routinely undertakes boat-based transect surveys of seabirds and marine mammals over large areas, as has become standard practice for offshore developments. We have accredit surveyors in the ESAS survey method and considerable experience in the logistics of organising suitable survey vessels.

Offshore wind, tide and wave energy technologies are relatively new and the methods used to assess the effects on wildlife are still evolving. NRP is actively involved in the design and development of survey and analytical methods that provide the information needed in a cost effective and timely manner. NRP has developed guidelines for Scottish Natural Heritage of the bird survey and monitoring requirements to inform tide and wave power developments, which can be found here;

Jackson, D. & Whitfield, P. 2011. Guidance on survey and monitoring in relation to marine renewables deployments in Scotland. Volume 4. Birds. Unpublished draft report to Scottish Natural Heritage and Marine Scotland.

The wide ranging behaviour of seabirds and marine mammals and the ever changing nature of marine sites present special challenges to survey work and its interpretation. Scientific knowledge, policy and legislation concerning the marine environment are also changing constantly. For all these reasons much of NRP’s marine work is undertaken in collaboration with other organisations including other consultancies, Scottish Association for Marine Science, Sea Mammal Research Unit and universities.

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