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Prey transect in the uplands
of southwest Scotland

From time to time Natural Research posts on this page information notes. These notes are aimed at promoting discussion of and further research into topics of interest to us. Research Information Notes (NRINs) can be reviews of topics (especially when the information is scarce or dispersed); they can also include results from our own work that are indicative.

Research Infomation Notes have not been peer-reviewed, and the information within should be treated as such. It is not unlikely that some information notes will develop into peer-reviewed articles by us, and perhaps others. We hope for this. A statement of the limitations of the note itself is made at the beginning of each. Natural Research Information Notes are copyrighted, and a preferred citation is provided.

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Peer-reviewed publications

Click here for our publications list.  Requests for reprints or pdfs can be made through info@natural-research.org

Photo: M. McGrady

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