Rhodri Evetts

Field Ecologist

Rhodri Evetts joined NRP in April 2020.

He is involved in conducting generic day to day surveys and species–specific surveys at a range of potential wind farm sites across Scotland. Rhodri has undertaken appropriate training with NRP including height and distance estimation as well as use of SPOT messenger services, which compliment his existing background in ecological surveying.

Rhodri graduated with a degree from Bangor University in environmental conservation in 2017 and completed a masters by research in biology in 2020 at the same institution. During this period Rhodri has undertaken both long and short term contracted work for organisations including GWCT and RSPB. Much of this work has focused on monitoring populations of upland breeding avifauna including waders and raptors. He has also undertaken fieldwork monitoring mountain hares throughout the Cairngorms in conjunction with the James Hutton Institute.

While gathering data for his masters, Rhodri lived in South Africa for 10 weeks. During this time, he conducted daily fieldwork involving the collection of high-quality images of zebra to address the question of the origin of their stripes. While there, he also kept detailed notes of sightings of rare fauna which were reported to SANParks.

Rhodri has had a lifetime interest in wildlife, especially ornithology and ecology. He is also a keen climber and mountaineer who enjoys spending time in some of Scotland’s wilder landscapes.

Team members

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Director of Finance

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Director and Senior Project Ecologist

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GIS & Data Officer

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Field Ecologist

Rhodri Evetts

Field Ecologist

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Senior Ornithologist

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